Hot Forging

Hot Forging

The hot forging line with total induction heating is equipped with n.1 mechanical press with pressure force 1500 Tons.     


Our hot forging line produces various articles, among others:            
  • Crowns;         
  • Gears;          
  • Flanges;         
  • Pins;         
  • End cups for stems and cylinders;         
  • Sleeves;        
  • Hubs;          
  • Valve Spheres;          
  • Valve bodies;     
  • Bushes;         
  • Steel particulars to drawing.     

Approximate production dimensions:  
- dimensions up to diameter 200 mm.  

 Weight from 1 to 20 kg approximately.   

Further requests regarding articles with dimensions which differ from above will be evaluated from our technicians, who will provide to show you the best case solution as possible.